Wuhan Schools To Reopen

Wuhan schools to reopen!

Wuhan, the Ground Zero of the COVID-19 virus and a Chinese city plagued by Coronavirus, will reopen all its schools and crèches on Tuesday (Sep 1), local authorities said.

About 2, 842 Wuhan schools across Wuhan are expected to open their doors to about 1.4 million students by the start of autumn, local government said on Friday. On Monday, Wuhan University reopened.

Wuhan announced it has launched emergency plans to return to online education, if levels at risk changed. Officials advised students to wear masks to and from school and avoid public transportation if possible.

Wuhan schools have been instructed to put together disease control equipment and to conduct tests and training sessions to help prepare for any new outbreak. They have also been instructed to prevent unnecessary public gatherings and submit daily reports to Wuhan health authorities.

Foreign students and teachers who have not yet received notice at their school, will not be allowed to return, Wuhan authorities said.

Wuhan, a city in central China, where the COVID-19 epidemic is believed to have been, has been closed for more than two months since late January. The city’s 3,869 death toll accounts for more than 80% of China’s total.

Wuhan has been returning to normal since April 2020, when the lockdown was removed and no new cases of Coronavirus transmission have been reported since May 18, 2020.

In preparation for the reopening of Wuhan schools, some schools set up their desks and rearranged desks for smaller classrooms. Wednesday’s back-to-school program was the latest step in slightly improving the life of Wuhan and Hubei province. Armed police were seen standing at the entrance of Wuhan No.17 Middle School and police were also seen outside other schools in the province.

Wuhan officials say students and staff should have all been tested for the virus before returning to school and that the campuses were infected and cleaned. Hot screens greet everyone who walks through the school gates and anyone with high temperatures was not allowed in.

The city, where the Coronavirus originated late last year before it spread worldwide, was closed for 76 days and reopened only last month.

Elsewhere in China, schools that have been closed or online only since January, began to open slowly last month, with Beijing and Shanghai releasing more students to return last week.

The latest on Wuhan is – Wuhan schools to reopen!

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