Will There Be More Gorillaz?

Will there be more Gorillaz?

In March 2001, in an era that today seems very distant, MP3 and the free circulation of music files was just around the corner, but the big multinational record companies still held the baton to direct the preferences of the mass public.

It was just at that pivotal time, before the Internet invaded every aspect of our lives, that the once powerful EMI label decided to invest millions in the dissemination of “a band of cartoons”, as it was said then, almost in a derogatory way.

In March 2001 Gorillaz’s debut album was released!

Two decades ago, there was nothing to suspect (beyond EMI’s bet) that Gorillaz was going to become “the most successful virtual band in history” (as it appears in Guinness), that it was going to sell 20 million records and much less that it was going to arrive alive and kicking into this strange and dark present that we have to live.

When it started, the group was represented in four animated characters (Noodle, Russel, 2D and Murdoc), was seen as a side project of Damon Albarn, the leader of Blur, a kind of quirk of a rock star, already bored with the bustle of the 90, that he wanted to have some fun with something else.

Nothing made us suspect (again) that Gorillaz would be “the” definitive project of Albarn in this century, the one that was going to make him famous for a new generation and that, in sales numbers, he was even going to surpass Blur in some countries.

However, here is Gorillaz, in this 2020 from hell, releasing his seventh album: “Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez”. The bombastic title corresponds to the project: “Song Machine” is an animated series by chapters that the group has been publishing with a single and its respective video every month since the beginning of the year and now it has been completed in a traditional album format.

Will there be a “Season Two” of this song machine? Will it be time to rehearse a “grand finale”? Two decades later, the future seems much more indecipherable than in that distant 2001. Will there be more Gorillaz?

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