Will Duchess Kate Soon Be Queen?

Will Duchess Kate soon be Queen?

It would be a nice Christmas present for the Royal Family – Duchess Kate could soon even surpass the Queen! Double luck for Kate and William?

The Duchess is said to be pregnant again!

For 38-year-old husband Prince William, it would be twice as lucky – The Duchess of Cambridge is even expected to have twins. The couple already have three children themselves: George, Louis and Princess Charlotte.

So for Kate, it would be her fourth pregnancy. And if Kate and William are really expecting twins, the couple would have five children together.

Duchess Kate and Prince William have been running their own Instagram account for several years and regularly answer questions from their almost 13 million followers. Here, users regularly ask questions about a new pregnancy. But as befits a duchess, of course she does not announce her own pregnancy!

The Duchess and Prince William have been trying to get more offspring for a long time. The couple is also said to have dealt with artificial insemination.

But the bigger question – will Duchess Kate soon be Queen?

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