Why Pop Diva Madonna Refused To Work With David Guetta!

Why Pop Diva Madonna refused to work with David Guetta!

Madonna refused to work with David Guetta simply because he did not match her zodiac sign!

Everyone knows that 62-year-old Madonna has always been demanding in her work and even more so if joint creativity is ahead. But no one expected this from her.

Pop Diva Madonna has long had a hobby, which she devotes a lot of time to. She is fond of astrology and for herself decided that people under the Scorpio zodiac sign are absolutely not suitable for her.

That is why Madonna refused to work alongside world renowned DJ David Guetta!

It happened a long time ago, but French DJ David Guetta decided to tell about this incident just now. Back in 2011, David received a Grammy award for remixing Madonna’s hit. After that, the pop diva herself contacted the DJ and offered him to release a joint album. Of course, it was a great honor for the musician and he really wanted it. Guetta gladly agreed to meet and discuss all the details of further cooperation.

Further, David recalls that Pop Diva Madonna invited him to a restaurant for lunch, in order to get to know each other better. Madonna constantly praised David at lunch, telling how impressed she was with the musician’s work and also shared her thoughts on the future joint album.

They spent a lot of time in the restaurant and managed to talk about everything in the world. The conversation turned very naturally about the signs of the zodiac and Guetta, without any embarrassment, declared that he was born under the sign of the Scorpio.

At that moment, everything turned upside down and he did not expect such a reaction from the star. Pop Diva Madonna abruptly cut off the conversation and refused to work together.

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