Why People Are Refusing To Wear Coronavirus Masks

Why people are refusing to wear Coronavirus masks!

There is no doubt about it, that by wearing a Novel Coronavirus mask, one can save one’s own life – as well as the lives of other people. Yet, all across the globe, people are simply refusing to wear masks. Why is this so?

Let us look at what some people are saying, about not wearing masks and wearing masks to protect against the Coronavirus catastrophe.

Jeff Martin says:

“Masks don’t work unless you are sick. You’re making my life at work a living hell with all the stupid regulations.”

Brian asks:

“I mean if my mask works, shouldn’t all the covid be on the inside of my mask?

World governments are repeatedly telling people that they should wear masks, as it can protect them – and also others around them – and also as it helps prevent the spread of the killer Coronavirus! But people are just refusing to listen to what is being told to them!

Amy states:

“A mask does protect. A study was published in the very well-known British Lancet medical journal said the chance of transmission without a face mask was 17.4%, while that fell to 3.1% when a mask was worn.”

Just who are masks meant to protect anyway, if at all they do, many people are asking.

Tom declares:

“While the CDC, WHO, and others did plenty to add to official distrust, part of the problem with the “personal choice” argument is that the masks aren’t to protect the wearer but to prevent the spread to others. Even cloth masks help prevent what you exhale from being airborne.”

Anthony says:

“Look at how well the US is doing – plenty of rednecks over there refusing to wear masks.”

The US has been the country to be the most badly hit because of the Coronavirus pandemic and there are about 3,962,200 cases and around 144,000 people are dead in America, because of Coronavirus. And all over the world, there are about 613,400 people dead and almost 15 million cases, because of Coronavirus.

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