Why Men Are More Susceptible To Coronavirus

Why Men Are More Susceptible To Coronavirus

Why men are more susceptible to Coronavirus! The latest news is that Novel Coronavirus is killing more men than women.

There is a new risk factor that has now emerged with regards to the killer COVID-19 – and that is – being male!

The first indications of this came from hospital records in Wuhan, China.  

A report was published which stated that from the Coronavirus patients who were admitted between January 1 and January 30, 2020, to Jinyintan Wuhan hospital,

men outnumbered women by as much as two to one.

Even among the people who died from the deadly Novel Coronavirus, there has been a difference in sex. Data collected from 21 hospitals in Wuhan, for the number of people who had died between January 21 and January 30, 2020, showed that 75% of these were males.

These reports were backed up by studies done in other countries.

In New York, America, a study was done in hospitals in the city, on over 4000 Coronavirus patients and it was found that 62% of the patients were males.  

In Northern Ireland, Wales and England, it was found that about 70% of the people admitted for COVID-19, who were critically ill and had been admitted to intensive care, were male and a larger amount of males than women have died.

A reason why men are more prone to suffering from Coronavirus, especially older men, is because their health is generally worse than that of women. 

A related idea is that women have immune defenses which are naturally stronger than men.

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