Why Maciej Dowbor Changed His Name

Why Maciej Dowbor changed his name.

Maciej changed his name to show solidarity with his wife and women.

For several days now, the well-known journalist and TV presenter Maciej Dowbor, has been publishing photos and videos on social media, documenting his participation in protests related to the controversial ruling of the Constitutional Tribunal.

The husband of actress Joanna Koroniewska, has now gone a step further, changing the name of his Instagram profile.

For almost a week, protests related to the tightening of abortion laws have been rolling through our country. It should be noted here that the Constitutional Tribunal led by Julia Przyłębska ruled that the provision allowing termination of pregnancy due to severe and irreversible fetal defects, is inconsistent with the Constitution.

Many of the demonstrations have so far been attended by many stars, who openly criticized the verdict of the Constitutional Tribunal and regularly post materials on the web, documenting their participation in the protests. This group includes, among others, Maciej Dowbor.

For several days, Maciej Dowbor has been reporting on Instagram, the course of protests in which he participates with his wife, actress Joanna Koroniewska-Dowbor. In order to show solidarity with his beloved and thousands of indignant Poles and at the same time to support the Polish Women’s Strike, Dowbor made a symbolic gesture by changing the name of his Instagram profile.

“There are guys who speak today and try to intimidate women. There are also guys who respect and support women. That is why today, out of respect for my wife and other ladies, I am changing the name of my profile – from now on, I invite you to the Maciej Dowbor Koroniewska profile. Gentlemen, I encourage you to do so.” He wrote.

Just after the controversial verdict was announced, Koroniewska-Dowbor herself spoke about the case, in response to the hateful comments of opponents of the protests and posted a very intimate entry:

“I’m a woman. Now I’m shaking all over, answering some people’s accusations that maybe I should lose my children if I’m for killing. I’m not. I’ve never been. I’ll never be. But I’ve been through a lot in my life. I am 42 years old with two happily healthy children. But I had eight pregnancies. I wore six of them by the end of the third month. They died. A suffering so great that only a parent in such a situation can understand it. ” The actress confessed.

Now we know why Maciej Dowbor changed his name.

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