Why Is China Interfering With America 2020 Elections?

Why is China interfering with America 2020 elections?

The reports are coming in from all over, China is now hell bent on interfering with America 2020 elections. Why is this so?

Here is what is being reported on the Chinese interfering with the American 2020 elections:


“I’ll add another twist to that. Saudis funded & the majority of the 9-11  hijackers, China released COVID19, Russia tried to disrupt our elections… 2 of them are helping the Saudis in nuclear production. All 3 have more reasons for the US to fall, than succeed.”


“US intelligence says China is trying to meddle in elections”


“China and the US aren’t comparable. America’s immigration policies are awful, but they aren’t genocide. US police do bad things, but they don’t imprison and kill political dissidents. The US will hold elections this year; China is a one-party dictatorship.”


“Intelligence says Russia, China, and Iran are going to intefere in the elections. China wants joe to win they don’t like Trump. We all know Who Russia wants. Iran who do they want to win i know they don’t like Trump. Interesting. But have any of us been swayed by ads?”


“Yet people in the US both praise China while simultaneously freaking out about the President suggesting that our elections may be delayed.  These people are lost.”


“And if we had Real American in hiteHouse … He or She go into Rose Garden and tell Russia, China, Iran or Anyone Else meddling in US Elections that either they stop or we would Unleash US Intelligence on All Their Asses with Goal of Their Governments Being Overthrow!”


“As usual Barack Obama tries to lecture the rest of us. Thankfully he is gone. His achievement: Cuddle to the Mulas and Cuba, worsening race relations in the country, stagnant economy, kissing to Europeans, letting China run the table, letting Russia meddle in elections.”

So, why is China interfering with America 2020 elections?


“When did the US elections become an international chess game between Russia and China?”

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