Why Dagi Bee Youtube Star Wore A Bra The First Time!


Why Dagi Bee YouTube star wore a bra the first time!

She grew up in Düsseldorf. After obtaining the technical qualification, Dagi Bee YouTube Superstar Star, began training as an industrial clerk. From 2011 to 2015 she was in a relationship with YouTuber Liont. On October 6th, 2012, she published under the title NO-GOs bei Jungs, her first video on her own channel. This was followed by videos that deal mainly with fashion and cosmetics.

Now Dagi Bee YouTube star is a web video producer and influencer, with nearly 4 million subscribers on YouTube alone. Her videos have been viewed over a billion times – only on YouTube.

Dagi Bee is open and honest in her new YouTube video.

The influencer talks about her first time and why she wore the bra for a long time in front of her partner.

There were also important tips on the subject of self-love for their fans.

Dagi Bee YouTube star did it! With well over three million YouTube subscribers, the lively blonde is one of the ten most-clicked German influencers. Born in Düsseldorf, she even has 4.6 million subscribers on Instagram. But what does the blonde do when she’s not reporting on beauty, lifestyle and current trends?

In her videos, Youtube Superstar Star Dagi Bee, mainly deals with topics related to styling and fashion. In filmic instructions for use, so-called tutorials, she gives tips on make-up, hair styling and nail designs. Purchased cosmetics and accessories are presented in her videos. The Call of Beauty category also covers the topics of sun protection, beauty myths, teeth whitening, scars and hair removal.

She also answers questions and answers in her channel. A large number of her videos can be assigned to the entertainment sector. Her former partner, Liont often appeared in them. In the series Problems … Dagi Bee YouTube star deals with everyday difficulties in a humorous way, such as “Problems of every lover” or “Problems in a relationship”.

In Private: She Is So Happy With Boyfriend Eugen Kazakov!

When the Düsseldorf-based woman is not in front of the camera for her YouTube channel, she prefers to spend her time with her boyfriend Eugen Kazakov. Since 2015, they have been a couple. In June last year, the two announced their engagement. He, a promising film editor, she one of the most successful German web video producers!

The two lovebirds post new pictures from their travels around the world on their Instagram accounts, almost every day. No matter whether in sunny California, in snowy Ischgl or in romantic Paris – the power couple looks as much in love, as they were on the first day. Only recently the two crowned their love with a partner tattoo. You could see it on Dagi’s YouTube channel, of course.

Sibling Love: That’s How Important Her Sister Lena Is To Dagi Bee Youtube Star

Dagi, whose real name is Dagmara Nicole, seems like a real family girl. Because, if she doesn’t spend her free time with her loved one, then she prefers to devote herself to her family. Her younger sister Lena has even appeared in Dagi’s videos a few times. And her mother also made it onto the famous daughter’s Instagram account.

Sad Death In The Family: Youtube Star Dagi Bee Now Wants To Maintain More Privacy

Despite all media presence, Dagi also tries to protect her privacy. This also applies to a sad family death. The pretty blonde took a break to devote herself to her family. Due to wild speculation and rumors, Dagi decided to go public on this. However, she left out private details.

Dagmara Nicole: A Youtube Star With Real Quirks

Dagi Bee YouTube star seems to be doing better now. And her fans are also happy to have their beloved Internet star back. And that, although Dagi also has one or the other quirk, as she once revealed to “Bravo”: In addition to a nail polish addiction, the pretty blonde also struggles with a Smartphone addiction. According to her own statements, the influencer will spend a full seven hours a day on her cell phone. It’s a miracle that she still has time for other things.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung stated in August 2014, that Dagi Bee belongs to the group of “young Youtubers” who have the “necessary media skills for successful self-marketing”. So she understood how to “use the synergies between the different social networks and also promote her YouTube channels on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram”. This leads to a strong bond with the audience.

According to editor Florian Zimmer-Amrhein, this effect is reinforced by the fact that Dagi Bee appears “as a gal next door”, “with whom one can come into contact at any time”. The channel’s videos are not intended for an “adult audience”, but rather meet the “tastes of twelve to seventeen year olds”. In terms of content, Dagi Bee YouTube star talked about “Concealer, lip care and eyeliner”, which is reminiscent of teleshopping, but is more “amateur” and “does not require a hotline”.

Gunda Windmüller described her as “lovable” in the German edition of The Huffington Post. In her videos she seems “so safely excited that you can understand” why she has so many young fans. Nevertheless, she is “the friend you will never have”, since “so many little hearts outside of small screens are rarely long-lived”.

In the fall of 2014, it was through the newspaper to position 2 of the “10 Newcomer of the Year”, among the YouTube stars placed. With 719,000 new subscribers between January and September 2014, Dagi Bee YouTube star is the second most successful YouTube channel in Germany.

In a report by the Badische Zeitung about the importance of YouTube for young people, she is referred to as a “star […] for YouTube watchers”. She talks about “the ’20 typical problems every girl has,” […] flat hair [and] glitter nail polish “, shows the” perfect eyeliner “or organizes” silly games with her friend Timo”.

Now you know why Dagi Bee YouTube star wore a bra the first time!

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