Why Blame Trump For Coronavirus?

Why blame Trump for Coronavirus?

The human race is such a miserable lot, they just want to put the blame on someone (Even if that someone happens to be the President of the United States of America!) – for something, anything – or even nothing for that matter!

Look at what happened with the killer Coronavirus from China. The people of America, are coolly ignoring the fact that the Coronavirus pandemic, has its origins in Wuhan, China – not Donald Trump!

Awhile back, Donald Trump signed four Executive Orders which have been designed to lower the cost of prescription drugs to a great extent – and give the people of America access to life-saving medicines, inclusive of insulin.

Donald Trump, the President of America said:

“Since the day I took office, I have made reducing drug prices one of my highest priorities.”

But do people care about the good that Donald Trump is doing?

Bob Lendzinski Tweets:

“He has had 3.5 years to do this. Why is he doing this now? Is it because he’s down in the polls?”

Unidentified Patriot Tweets:

“wrong. he’s actually up in the polls.”

Marl Kalone Tweets:

“After he and his buddies profited off higher prescription costs for 4 years”

Theresa2 Tweets:

“No that was Biden Hillary and Obama who paid China scientist to come here for research and then sent them back with knowledge of how to rip us off selling medications back to us 7x more then it cost”

Anonymous Tweets:

“Why didn’t Obama ever do it? Or Sleepy Joe with his quad-decades in government?”

Black Hole Tweets:

“Why has Biden not done it for 8 years?”

The United States of America has been hit the worst by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic and there are now around 4,273,000   cases and about 149,000 people are dead in America, because of the killer Coronavirus – which began in Wuhan, China – NOT Donald Trump!

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