WHO Says COVID-19 May Kill More As Weather Cools

WHO says COVID-19 may kill more as weather cools!

Dr. Hans Kluge, the World Health Organization’s chief for Europe said:

“We don’t want to do unnecessary predictions, but this is definitely one of the options: That at one point there would be more hospitalizations and an uptick in mortality.”

Dr. Hans Kluge said that as the weather got cooler in Europe, people who were young, were more likely to come into closer contact with people who were elder. And as the case counts of Novel Coronavirus were on the rise, they could then pass it on to elderly people, who were more vulnerable to COVID-19. And this could bring about a rise in the number of deaths due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Hans Kluge said:

“The next influenza season is also approaching fast. Now, it is critical that countries monitor flu activity and restore and reinforce routine sentinel surveillance to include both viruses, and that they promote flu vaccination for at-risk groups. This is even more important this year as we need to protect our hospitals and health workforce already coping with COVID-19, from being overwhelmed.”

Dr. Hans Kluge stated with regards to how to stop COVID-19 from spreading:

“The youth alike everyone has to play your part to limit the opportunity for the virus to spread by:

Wearing a mask in situations when you will be interacting with other people – to protect them from getting infected;

Avoiding crowds and large groups – staying away from crowded bars and big parties.

Meet outdoors rather than inside, if possible.

Whenever meeting in smaller groups – keep at least 1 metre apart.

Always, always, wash your hands, and

With any sign of symptoms – stay at home and seek testing.”

Dr. Hans Kluge added:

“This year, even more than previous years, we must support older people to get their flu jab early, in a safe environment.”

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