Who Is The Hottest Instagram Bikini Beauty?

Who is the hottest Instagram bikini beauty

With the currently prevailing temperatures above 30 degrees, there is actually only one acceptable outfit to escape the heat: Get out of your everyday clothes and into a bathing suit or bikini! In the past few days, this rule of thumb has also been followed by a number of celebrities who immediately present their sexy outfits on Instagram. The only question left is:

Who is the hottest Instagram bikini beauty?   

There are plenty of candidates for the title of most seductive swimwear mermaid. Vanessa Blumhagen made several arguments that she would be a top contender for the title. Sometimes the “Breakfast TV” presenter posed in a fast one-piece suit, sometimes the dotted bikini was the outfit of choice.

Rita Ora or Birgit Schrowange: who is the hottest Instagram bikini beauty?      

If the sweat did not come out of all pores at the sight of these hot bikini poses, Instagram stars like Katja Burkart, Rita Ora or Birgit Schrowange did the rest. The RTL presenter made it effortlessly with sexy photo greetings from Greece, delighting her fans.

While Birgit Schrowange put herself in a summer mood with a throwback photo. In the case of Rita Ora, however, the bikini top had to do the hard work.

Salma Hayek

From Salma Hayek to Liz Hurley: Celebrities over 50 ladies heat up in bikinis.

Another contender for the title of who is the hottest Instagram bikini beauty? – is likely to be Salma Hayek. The 53-year-old popped up from the pool for her Instagram following to really heat her fans. These days Elizabeth Hurley also sent bikini greetings in a double pack, who at 55 years is in no way inferior to her sexy colleagues.

Sylvie Meis Posts Swimwear Photos Non-Stop

However, the competition should not be underestimated – for example in the form of Sylvie Meis. The Dutch presenter has blossomed into an expert on incredibly sinful bikini photos. The latest prank by the former “Let’s Dance” presenter was so hot, that her Instagram fans couldn’t resist drooling. In order to finally force the followers to gasp, the ex-wife of soccer player Rafael van der Vaart followed up a little later with a no less erotic photos.

Now you decide who is the hottest Instagram bikini beauty!

Elizabeth Hurley

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