Who Is Responsible For Bible Burnings Portland?

Who is responsible for Bible burnings Portland?

There is a lot being said by many about Portland Bible burnings. Just what is being said and just who is responsible for the Holy Bible Burnings Portland?

Here are some opinions about Bible burnings Portland:

Mr Discostu:

“Bidens campaign has chosen a strong anti Bible position. It is meant to attract liberals and progressives. Abortion up to 9 months… no school prayer… no school choice(religious education)… Has not condemned bible burning in Portland… in all these ways and more, Biden is Anti Bible.”


“Portland “Anti-Fascists” once again caught doing Fascist things like a good old-fashioned Nazi book burning.”


“Portland, y’all done lost your minds. Burning the Bible. Never would I think America could turn illiterate! Heaven help us all.”


“Yea rioters beakingbinto a Portland police building is the answer. Let’s burn It down.  Calm protesting all day is great. No issue. But ripping down monuments, burning the flag and bible? Seriously”


“The rioters are burning Bible’s on the streets of  Portland, because they hate this Nation, as well as, biblical Christianity. As the SilentMajority  let us keep these left wing radicals out of the White House and off Capitol Hill by re electing President Trump to four mor years”


“Bible BBQ last week, burning cross this week.  I feel like we’re just working up to the lynchings.”


“Has a single Congressional member of the Democratic Party condemned the Bible burning in Portland?”


“Were you there in Portland witnessing the looting and destruction of the downtown especially the federal court house and other notable monuments, statutes, flag & Bible burning . Just a bunch of peaceful protestors causing millions in damage for taxpayers.”


“People can’t go to church to read the Bible but burning them in the streets in Portland us A-OK”

Will it forever remain a BIG mystery as to who is responsible for Bible burnings Portland?


“Can someone please, rationally, explain to me how burning a bible has anything to do with protesting police brutality?”

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