Who Is Matilde Gioli?

Who is Matilde Gioli?

She is a rather famous Italian actress, who also plays a major role in the fiction doc – In your hands, where she plays the part of Giulia Giordano.

Matilde Gioli is 31 years old and was born in Milan, together with her brothers, on September 2, 1989, from an Apulian father and a Tuscan mother. Her height is one meter and sixty eight centimeters. She graduated from the Cesare Beccaria classical high school and subsequently took a degree in Philosophy from the University of Milan.

She soon developed a strong passion for cinema and in 2014 she made her debut on the big screen with the film by Paolo Virzì, Human Capital, where she played the part of Serena Ossola. With this first film, she has won several film awards and a lot of acclaim from the public, although it was only at the beginning of her career.

In 2014, Matilde Gioli starred in an episode of Gomorrah – La serie. And in 2015 she returned to the cinema again with three films:

Solo per il weekend, Belli di papa and Un posto Sicurezza.

In 2016 she appeared in an episode of the TV series created by Fabio Volo, Untraditional. 2017 was a very important year for the actress. In fact, in addition to having taken part in the miniseries:

From father to daughter, in the role of Elena Franza, she also starred in five films:

Mom or Dad?, The Startup, 2night, The family home and Blue Kids.

From 2018 to 2020 Matilde Gioli participated in several other films for the big screen, acting alongside famous actors. Her latest film projects include Rich in Fantasy, The King’s Musketeers – The Penultimate Mission, The Golden Men and It’s For Your Good. In 2020, she also won us over with her interpretation in the fiction doc – In your hands.

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