WHO China Coronavirus Investigation, A White Elephant?

The ‘experts’ of WHO have arrived in China, to investigate the origins of Coronavirus, which began supposedly in late December, 2019, in Wuhan, China.

People’s Daily, China Tweeted:

“Two WHO experts have arrived in China for research on the origin of COVID19. They will cooperate with Chinese scientists and medical experts and might make a similar trip to other countries and regions as needed.”

The response to the arrival of the World Health Organization (WHO) officials in China, to ‘research on the origin of COVID19’, has not gone down very well with people, as can be clearly seen by Tweets of the kind such as:

  • Don’t you mean Chinese Scientists will Co-operate with the WHO? Or do you mean Chinese Scientists will tell them what you decide to tell them. Look at the way you treated Dr Li. You never want to hear the truth. The CCP is a corrupt regime.
  • WHO is a corrupt medico organisation, sad to see China move this way, as the new World Order Ruler. Looks bad.
  • Would the WHO team be visiting the cave where three workers died from a COVID type virus? This was reported in a US paper in the last week or so.
  • Flying first class, chauffeur, 6 star hotel…a complete waste of money!!! Be very surprised if the outcome is anything other than nothingtoseehere
  • Haha yep will be no transparency for sure
  • WHO acting like the china agency

So, the big question here is:

Is WHO sending their so called ‘experts’ to China, to investigate the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic, really going to reveal the truth about the origins of the virus that has brought death and suffering to the entire world?

Perhaps this Tweet sums it up:

“They’re only there for tea & fortune cookies…..the CCP have already written their report for them. Its in a big brown envelope, along with another few $million for Tedros the Twat”.

There are now about 13.5 million cases and around 572,000 deaths in the world, because of Coronavirus.

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