Who Are Khoisan People?

Who areKhoisan people?

There is a lot of debate going around, as to who are Khoisan people? This is what Lun says:

“There’s no such thing as a Khoisan. You Europeans are disrespectful. You came here through the West Coast but somehow you know that the first occupants of ZA are “Khoisan”? You should say the first people Jan encountered on his invasion were the Khoi and San. Stop lying.”

Do people agree with Lun? Here is what people have to say about who are Khoisan people:

Rex: Imagine saying a person is ZuluTswana!

Skal: This the information the feed to coloured people in the Western Cape, that’s why coloured see themselves better than blacks. Because of this false information from whites.

Jager: Dnt even waste your time in this propaganda theorists.  The want to change the course of history. The fools dnr even know thT know n San come as far as Angola, Zambia, Namibia, Botswana.

Lun: They act as if the San and Khoi are exclusive to ZA.

Mampu: Whites like writing history for us. The are khoisan in Namibia and Botswana…. It works to their advantage this white fools they think we are stupid like them and Julius supporting them. I have khoisan blood in me… What the hack.

Solel: And where does Hein feature in all of this, shouldn’t this be between us and the people he alleges we stole land from?

Heinde: Blacks stole the country from the Khoisan. South Africa was never yours.

Anni: Are they trying to rewrite history so it suits them, again!??! The fight has just begun

Lun:  Yeses. They don’t tell coloured people that they raped their African ancestors?

Siya: The funny thing is its always amabhunu who keep saying this next thing they going to say they arrived in KZN before us

Bella: Remember they were brainwashed that they are superior. The very indoctrination is failing them today. You’ll notice by the constant regurgitating of the khoisan narrative and false historical migration schedules in their crooked books. The modern day Jantjies are in trouble.


Something I need clarity on: Are Khoi and San people not black people! Seems like it’s implied that they are a different race altogether! So, back to the question: Who are Khoisan people?

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