Where Did Kim Jong-un Disappear During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Where Did Kim Jong-un Disappear During Coronavirus Pandemic?

Where did Kim Jong-un disappear during the Coronavirus pandemic? After 20 days of absence, the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, reappeared over the weekend.

Kim Jong-un was spotted outside Pyongyang, opening a fertilizer factory.

He was seen walking briskly and smoking.

Some people reported that they saw Kim Jong-un using a golf cart to get around, which was indicative that he might not be all that well.

“Kim has a past history of health problems, and that seemed to be a key reason for a previous disappearance in 2014 when he re-emerged walking with a cane. So this is certainly a possibility — and something the regime wouldn’t want to publicise.” – Mintaro Oba, former US State Department official

Professor of International Security and Intelligence Studies at ANU John Blaxland said about these pictures:

“We can’t even be sure when these were taken, there is the question of if it’s even him as he has a body double but I don’t give much credence to that theory. There’s certainly the question of whether or not this is even a real event.”

So where did Kim Jong-un go during the Coronavirus pandemic and why?

This will have to remain one of life’s biggest mysteries, as it is highly unlikely that the world will ever know these answers.

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