When Will The Black And White Carnival Be Held?

When will the Black and White Carnival be held?

Like several carnivals and fairs that are held on different dates throughout Colombia, the traditional Black and White Carnival, a festive event that takes place every year, from December 28 to January 6, in San Juan de Pasto, in the southwest of Colombia, had to change, for the 2021 edition, its format and dates as a result of the pandemic.

For this reason, flagship festivals of the country, including the Black and White Carnival, had to change their format and carry out all the programmed activities in a digital environment.

The crowds, which are part of the spirit of the Black and White Carnival, are what the government and health authorities avoid the most, since they are the favorable environment for mass infections to occur, a situation that the country cannot handle. More so at a time when the latest figures in Colombia have registered a worrying increase in Coronavirus infections and deaths.

There are more than 4,000 carnivals and fairs that the Novel Coronavirus affected this year, causing the most important celebrations to change their dates and formats

As is usually the case, from January 2 the activities of the carnival will begin with the development of ‘El Carnavalito’, celebrations in which until the 8th of the same month, all the followers of this traditional festival, will be able to enjoy from their homes.

The Covid 19 situation, totally changed the entertainment plans of Colombians, among them the end of the year celebrations and the festivals and carnivals that are a symbol of their culture. After last March it was decreed to national level a quarantine, given the appearance of the Coronavirus in Colombia.

So, when will the Black and White Carnival be held?

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