What’s With The Mandalorian?

What’s with The Mandalorian

The first season of Mandalorian accompanied the landing of Disney + and made the event in the Star Wars galaxy. A year later, what remains?

The Mandalorian contrasts sharply with this often overbearing trend and not only opts for shorter-than-average chapters (the longest lasts 38 minutes), but doesn’t hesitate to tighten the format if necessary (the shortest lasts only 29 minutes.

The consequence is obviously felt on the rhythm as a whole, which never wastes its time and does not get lost in repetitions, but above all, allows the series to reconnect with an older tradition.

While on the big screen, The Rise of Skywalker symbolized for many the exit of Lucas Film under the aegis of Disney, the series directed by Jon Favreau knew how to create the surprise. As much by its orientation as its technological discoveries (told in an interesting way), it attracted attention and a benevolence that the franchise had not known for too long.

The Mandalorian is the story of a tough guy and his cute baby Yoda. But it could have been a simple baby, a woman, a puppy, a princess or a whore), the result would have been the same. It is the story as old as the world, of a lone warrior with a heart of stone, who becomes human in contact with another character, who will gradually reveal his sensitivity, his determination, his courage and his kindness. Behind the armor, there is a man, of course.

The result of a know-how impressive promotional, Mandalorian was however not unanimous, as some saw it as a disembodied declination only thought for the wallets of fans. So, is this new adventure of The Mandalorian nothing more than a marketing feat?

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