What Penny Wong Says About Coronavirus

What Penny Wong says about Coronavirus.

Here is what Penny Wong has to say about the Coronavirus pandemic that has caused over 13.5 million cases and over half a million deaths all across the globe:

Coronavirus catastrophe fuelling ‘a macho strain of nationalism’”

Penny Wong states:

“The world must confront the “stark truth” that its capacity to respond to the far-reaching impacts of Covid-19 has been hampered by a lack of coordination. In the midst of the worst crisis humanity has experienced since World War II and a severe economic downturn of unknown proportions, the international community has been unable to muster anything close to the requisite cooperation.”

How are people responding to what Penny Wong says? Take a look:

A User On Reddit Says:

“You can’t believe a word she said, Wang? You know she’s receiving commands directly from Beijing from the 5G signal through the metal strip on her mask! Sadly, there are morons who think this way.”

Lauren Formica Tweets:

“Senator Penny Wong says that the global pandemic is “demonstrating that multilateralism is weaker.” COVID-19 has threatened Australia’s relationship with Chinese diplomats as threats of a trade war have been made. “

Analyzing the blow that the Coronavirus pandemic is having on Australia’s foreign affairs, Penny Wong says:

“Our strategic environment has deteriorated, risks have heightened, opportunities narrowed, and protecting and promoting our national interests is going to be much harder.”

Penny Wong adds:

“The escalation of anti-China rhetoric or anti-Chinese sentiment for domestic electoral purposes benefits neither our society nor our standing in the world”.

She further stated:

“Nationalism, xenophobia and even extremism are on the rise. There are some things which must be beyond politics, and our collective response to these should demonstrate that. We must always recall the lessons of the 1930s. Humanity has seen what happens if we allow nationalism and xenophobia to take hold.”

Penny Wong, is Australian Labor’s Senate leader and has very recently written an essay titled: The End of Orthodoxy.

Australia now has around 10,000 cases and about 110 people have died, due to the dreaded Coronavirus.

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