What Happened To Katarina Witt?

What happened to Katarina Witt?

Sometimes figure skating legend Katharina felt “like a rock star”, she says. But the exciting life of the exceptional talent also had its downsides.

Katarina Witt first conquered the GDR, then the whole world, as a figure skating super star!

Katarina traveled all over the world, several times. Even as a young girl, doors were open to her, that other GDR citizens could only dream of. As the radiant darling and figurehead of sport in the German Democratic Republic, the high-performance athlete was allowed to own a private car and a dacha and travel abroad, when she was only in her early 20s.

Katarina Witt wanted to share the privileges she had gained in this way, with the people in her home country:

“When I met Bryan Adams, I helped to invite him to a concert in East Berlin in 1988.” she explains in an interview. Katarina Witt, who was still very young at the time, did not yet understand why she was whistled for when the announcement was made:

“I just met Bryan Adams in Canada”.

Shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall, she moved to the USA. For more than ten years she toured the country with “Holiday on Ice” and starred in several films alongside Hollywood greats such as Robert De Niro.

But her world career in sport, in the film and show business was not enough for the native of Berlin. She has published three books so far, an autobiography and two books on nutrition and fitness. Her book “Only with Passion”, was also published in the USA, in which she describes her life as a teenager in the world of high-performance sports. In short, she has never missed an opportunity to advance her career.

She lived her dream of figure skating , met famous personalities and after her time as the “most beautiful face of socialism”, undressed for the American Playboy – which then went completely out of stock, for the second time in the company’s history!

Now we know what happened to Katarina Witt!

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