What Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel Says About Coronavirus And Other Things

What Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel says about Coronavirus and other things!

If you still haven’t the faintest notion about who Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel is, then it is likely that you are not living on this planet!

Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel is now the most famous person on this planet. Reason being, she has supposedly come out with a cure for the killer Coronavirus, which began its killer journey in Wuhan, China, in late December 2019 and is responsible for infecting millions of people and killing many lacs, all over the globe.

Let us look at some of the interesting things that have been said by Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel:

“Yes America! some need deliverance from demon sperm. Here’s the message, enjoy. There is saying in my village in Cameroon. ‘Nyangha de sleep trouble come wake am’.”

“Fauci you are lying. You know it. Americans are dying and you are playing Russian roulette with their lives.”

“Woah CNN, MSNBC etc are doing free commercials on our deliverance ministry. Fire Power is main stream. Thank you CNN and let me know when y’all need some of them demons cast out of you. I will gladly oblige. You will feel a lot better. Keep up the good work”

Tobz asks the doctor:

“You say youre nigerian but youre saying your village is in cameroon? Who is controlling your account cuz they are trying to make you look crazy now”

The doctor replies:

“I never said I was Nigerian. I went to medical school in Nigeria”

Keisha Meek says to the doctor:

“176million women suffer endometriosis worldwide! Having surgeries constantly! We don’t need this sort of thing being posted when we are still trying to find a cause!”

The doctor replies:

“Let them watch the message. They will be delivered”

Keisha Meek replies to the doctor:

“Can I just say you could be causing some serious damage to people suffering with endometriosis! It’s possible that you could stop them getting the treatment from correct endometriosis specialists like…”

And to think that all this started, because the doctor said that HCQ works just fine in the treatment and cure of Coronavirus and that she has cured many patents by giving them this.

Dr. Stella Grace Immanuel says:

“If they put everybody on hydroxychloroquine right now, for those with early disease and those that want to get prevention. I’m telling you, it would stop covid in its tracks in 30 days.”

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