What Does Elena Yakovleva Do To Stay In Shape?

What does Elena Yakovleva do to stay in shape?

Actress Elena – the famous “Intergirl” and “Kamenskaya” – admitted that she herself runs the house both in the apartment and in the country. The star has never had a housekeeper and does not have one even now. Elena Yakovleva is uncomfortable that someone will pick up what she has littered.

And how long does it take to maintain order? Elena, says there is nothing particularly laborious in this:

“The main rule of order, if you can do something in a short time, you need to do it urgently. For example, collect the yellow leaves, wash the window, throw away the garbage. The main thing is not to accumulate summer cottage affairs. Otherwise, then you can rake the house and the site all weekend. And if you do everything on time, then you can just relax on the weekend.”

In addition, Elena Yakovleva is helped by her husband.

But at the dacha, Elena admits, the real owners are not at all she and her husband, but their three dogs:

“Now my husband and I have a feeling that we live with them. These three dogs live their own lives. They have different personalities, completely different breeds. But you have no idea what their communication culture is! Sometimes the three of us, my husband and son, sit and just look at them. For hours. With smiles. Little things, adversity goes away. “

Naturally, Elena could not but be asked how she keeps fit. It turned out that the actress is not averse to eating a lot and generally loves everything tasty, so she does not adhere to diets. And Elena Yakovleva does not go to the gym either – this is only in her plans!

It’s a big mystery then how Elena Yakovleva stays in shape!

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