Venezuela Human Rights Violations In The Limelight

Venezuela human rights violations in the limelight!

The UN commission accused Maduro of crimes against humanity. Venezuela’s President Nicolás Maduro is believed to be personally responsible for crimes against humanity from the perspective of the United Nations (UN). According to its own information, a UN commission of inquiry has found numerous indications that the authoritarian ruling Maduro and his ministers have planned and carried out Venezuela human rights violations, ever  since 2014, including  executions and torture.

Marta Valiñas, President of the United Nations (UN) Fact Verification Mission, guaranteed that the report on Venezuela human rights violations was impartial.

In an interview, the expert lawyer in Human Rights emphasized in the fundamental conclusion of the report published on September 16: There is sufficient information that justifies investigations against people accused of crimes against humanity in Venezuela. She stressed that it is imperative to ensure the accountability of those responsible.

Marta Valiñas made it clear that the information gathered on Venezuela human rights violations, followed a pattern and were committed based on indicated objectives, as part of a State policy against persons identified as opponents or in the context of protests.

She assured that the investigation shows that the events functioned within the structure of the security forces involved (Sebin, Dgcim, Faes, among others) in the events recorded and that there were reports and orders throughout the chain of command, from the highest hierarchy.

The UN Commission writes that that Venezuela was one of the countries with the highest number of killings by security forces. Thousands of them are documented, even if the procedure was not always arbitrary. Hundreds of people were killed and sometimes shot at close range in operations that allegedly served to fight crime. In training videos, it was seen how emergency services were called to kill criminals without pity. Civilians were also killed and most of the perpetrators do not have to fear legal prosecution.

What will be done about Venezuela human rights violations?

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