US Presidential Elections Debates To Start

US presidential elections debates to start!

The US presidential election will hold the first television debate on the night of the 29th. Incumbent Republican President Donald Trump (74) and Democratic candidate Joe Biden (77) will face their first face-to-face confrontation. On the 27th, new suspicions about Donald Trump’s tax payment record also emerged and the tongue-and-groove battle between the two candidates was heated.

Donald Trump denied reports from a newspaper, that he had not paid the federal government income tax for 10 years, out of the 15 years before he was elected in 2016.

According to the newspaper, the amount of tax paid in 16 years when he was elected and in 17 years when he took office, was only $ 750 each. Mr. Trump has refused to disclose tax records, which has been the President’s practice since the 1970s and the Democratic Party has raised suspicions that there were inappropriate transactions due to tax evasion. However, the newspaper has not disclosed the illegality at this stage.

Another media group has analyzed that Mr. Trump’s alleged tax evasion will affect the support of the blue-collar workers in the fierce election battlefields of Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan. The media group points out that the annual tax payment of only $750 paid by Donald Trump, is less than the tax payment of many ordinary Americans.

From the 29th, a total of three debates will be held at Mt. Tenno in the final round, which may change the election situation. The first was held in Cleveland, Ohio, Midwest, (1) the history of both candidates (2) the Supreme Court of the United States (3) the new Coronavirus (4) the economy (5) race and violence (6) the legitimacy of the election.

Discussion on the 6 themes, will be for a total of 90 minutes, 15 minutes each.

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