US Marine Trevor Reed Release From Russia Demanded

US marine Trevor Reed release from Russia demanded!

A Moscow court, in late July 2020, sentenced Reed, 29, of Granbury, Texas, to 9 years in a Russian penal colony, after already spending more than a year in prison. He was convicted of assaulting two Russian police officers. But in his case, the Russian police presented almost no evidence against him.

Top members of the House of Foreign Affairs Committee of America, have issued a resolution calling on Russia, to release Trevor Reed, a former US Marine, who has been detained by Russia and who U.S. officials suspect, is being used for political negotiation purposes.

On Wednesday, September 16, 2020, at Capitol Hill, representatives of the Democrats and Republicans and of Texas, presented a decision to the Foreign Affairs Committee, calling for Russian President Vladimir Putin to release Reed immediately. The decision was presented by Republican leading committee member, Rep. Michael McCaul, Rep. Mike Conaway, R-Texas and supported by Kevin McCarthy, House Minority Leader.

Rep. Mike Conaway, stated:

“It’s clear that once they found out that Trevor had been a Marine — and an embassy Marine — the Putin administration thought they had a tool or a pawn that they could use to further their goals.”

Reed is the second U.S. prisoner to be arrested in Russia, following the trial of Paul Whelan, who was sentenced to 16 years in prison in Russia, on charges of espionage in Russia, in June 2020. U.S. officials and his family believe that he too was held for political negotiation purposes. America has condemned the arrest of both men and called on Russia to release them.

Rep. Michael McCaul said:

“I think the problem with this matter is that they’re using him as a political pawn to release two very dangerous criminals. So it’s like apples and orange.”

Reed’s mother said:

“He is an innocent man.”       

Will US marine Trevor Reed be released by from Russia?

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