United Kingdom To Enforce Coronavirus Mask Rules

United Kingdom to enforce Coronavirus mask rules! 

Face to face coverings in the United Kingdom became mandatory on public transport, on 15 June, 2020, because of the Coronavirus pandemic. On 24 July, 2020, these rules will also be applicable for shops in the United Kingdom.

Any person found disregarding these rules for shops, could be fined by the police, for up to £100. If the fine is paid within 14 days, it could be reduced to £50.

Ken Marsh – Chairman of the MPF, which represents rank-and file officers in the Met said:

“It will be nigh-on impossible for enforcement because you won’t have a police officer on every shop door because there isn’t enough of us. If a shopkeeper calls the police because someone hasn’t got a mask on, they haven’t got the power to detain them so that person can just walk away.”

So, how are the people of the UK reacting to the plans of the government to enforce Coronavirus mask rules? Apparently not so well, from what is being said.

Janekin24 Tweets:

“NO! Wrong call and my patience has now run out. We need to revolt. If we wear it when virus is low in summer and no need there will never be a reason to end it. Boris Johnson hints at huge change to UK’s face mask rules as Britons come out of lockdown.”

Jaydee Tweets:

“Y’all this is pathetic. Why wait for f@@@@@@g 24th of July to start the whole wear a mask rule??? WHY WAIT FOR THE 24TH WHEN YOU CAN MAKE PEOPLE START WEARING MASKS TODAY. GOD this frustrates me. So idiotic. This is why the virus is celebrating, UK.”

But, Perhaps, This Tweet From Centaur_UK, Says It All:

“I won’t be abiding by this rule. If any shop insists I wear a mask then I refuse to spend any money in that shop.”

In the United Kingdom, about 45,000 people are dead and there are around 291,500 cases, because of Coronavirus.

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