UK PM Boris Johnson Introduces Tougher Sentences For Very Dangerous Criminals

UK PM Boris Johnson introduces tougher sentences for very dangerous criminals.

Just awhile ago, UK PM Boris Johnson announced:

“We’re introducing tougher sentencing for the most dangerous criminals, making public safety the single most important factor in our criminal justice policy.”

Here is what people have to say about this:

Joe: Build super max prisons keep them locked up for longer then it will reduce reoffending dramatically.

Ann: Absolutely no evidence this will work.

Josh: Mate you broke international law last night!

Clare: Does this include social workers and family court judges???? These are the most dangerous “people” in society! Not the victims that you lock up just for exposing the truth!!! Would you like to explain gagging orders and why they are set in place or shall I????

Melissa: The internal market bill provides a safety net to stop the EU breaking up our nation. The top priority of the government is to protect its citizens – that is what they are doing. Hardly criminal is it

Peter: National law is sovereign if any treaty or agreement undermines it. Read up on the subject. Talk to the EU, they piss over rules on a daily bases.

Craig: This was an instrument designed to allow Minister to break commitments enshrined in domestic law – as all international law is when it is agreed. A BS distinction with no actual difference.

Alba: Stop the illegal migrants bringing in 100s of problems every single day.  And start putting violent thugs in prison for life, rather than unleashing them back on the streets to reoffend.

Mary: Still NOTHING about immigration from this Government although it consistently polls as big concern in UK. The massive illegal immigration through France threatens to define this Tory Government in the same way as Brexit defined Theresa May and illegal war defined Tony Blair.

Adrian: A few desperate people in a boat is not an invasion, you’re being gaslighted.

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