TV Star Jana Ina Is Ready For A New Love!

TV star Jana Ina is ready for a new love!

Jana Ina is ready for a new love. Is pop singer Giovanni Zarrella getting competition? No, the TV presenter is talking about her dog Cici.

When a beloved pet dies, it is a bad blow of fate for any pet owner. Even TV star Jana Ina now had to go through this painful experience. Dachshund Tyson was Jana Ina’s best friend for 17 years, but was put to sleep in March 2020.

2020 is not the best year for everyone – to put it mildly. The last few months have also been anything but easy for TV star Jana Ina (43). A few weeks ago, the wife of pop singer Giovanni Zarrella, had to go into forced quarantine – she tested positive for the corona virus.

In January her father died and in March her beloved dachshund also had to be put to sleep. Now the “Love Island” presenter is doing better again, she reveals. She is now ready for a new love – a new dog!

When it comes to the topic, the wife of the newly crowned ZDF presenter Giovanni Zarrella, is still very emotional today and keeps breaking into tears.

Jana Ina’s advice for everyone in the same situation:

“Talk about it, mourn. That is part of it.”

TV star Jana Ina is now happy with her new love.

Now there is a new dog in the life of the TV presenter. Cici has been part of the Zarella family since May 2020. The cute dog, with the sweet button eyes, is a dog from Hungary. TV star Jana Ina needed some time to let the new four-legged friend into her heart.

She says:

“I was afraid that I would betray Tyson. I thought, that doesn’t happen, I can’t love another dog.”

But over time she understood that it’s okay if she lets another dog into her heart.

The duo grew together, especially during Jana Ina’s Corona quarantine.

“When I tested positive and had to stay isolated from everyone for two weeks, I was so grateful that Cici was there. Because at least I could cuddle with her”.

Now TV star Jana Ina and Cici are one heart and one soul.

“Yes, that’s love!” Announced TV star Jana Ina to her 624,000 Instagram fans.

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