Trump wants to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” but…

Around 158,000 people are dead and there are around 4,764,600 cases in America because of the killer COVID-19 pandemic, which began in Wuhan, China.

Donald Trump is trying his best to “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” but…

People want to bring him down for some reason or the other – even though the great man is trying his best to pull the country out of the mess it is in – and save lives – and…


Steve says:

“Gonna take some time after the mess you’ve made.”

Jessica says:

“You’ve had nearly 4 years to “make America great.” 150,000 people are dead, a raging pandemic has 4 million Americans ill, we just had the largest dip in the GDP EVER! Our deficit is monstrous, our education is gutted, massive protests, 1/5 of our nation is starving 1/3 homeless”

Rowan says:

“Trump didn’t learn anything exept learning how to make violent riots make millions of people homeless become a bigger shit and lie even more than he was”

Billy says:

“it’s like the old adage says “Actions speak louder than words”Well the record speaks for itself, look at the things he’s accomplished pre COVID.”

Brian says:

“Wonder why he dropped “Keep America Great.””

Padellan says:

“You should probably stop saying Make America Great Again, because it sounds like you KNOW you f#@!#@ it up, and you’re hoping people are too stupid to notice.”

Bowers says:

“Constantly repeating this, almost four years into your presidency, is just admitting, “I still haven’t even made good on my campaign slogan yet!” Sad.”

Genereaux says:

“Gee, largest economic collapse in our history and millions of Americans dead….what more could we ask for?”

Jules states:

“America was great before Donald Trump and will be even better when he’s gone.”

It is safe to say that Donald Trump has faced more trials and tribulations, than any American President ever has. The great man is trying his best to do all that he can to…


But, will people let him?

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