Trump Mourns Americans Dead Because Of Coronavirus

Trump mourns Americans dead because of Coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump said:

“As one family, we mourn every precious life that’s been lost. I pledge in their honor that we will develop a vaccine, and we will defeat the virus.”

Now how well or UNWELL did that go down with people? Let’s take a look:

Kim Tweets:

“First of all, “one family”? I’m not a part of his family & never will be. Secondly, those words are not his. The POTUS has to READ words of mourning from a damned piece of paper! Really? I do not believe one word coming from his mouth—if his lips are moving, he’s lying.”

Benny D Tweets:

“Trump can’t even show an ounce of empathy while reading his canned statement from his speech writer. No inflection. Pausing while he struggles to enunciate words not in his normal vocabulary like “precious life” or “I pledge in their honor””

MyLadysMom Tweets:

“We are looking at the news in Norway. We get to hear every stupid thing that are coming out of his stupid mouth. It’s shocking! He is there only for the rich and the racists. He lies so thoroughly to his own people. And then he brags enormously about how good he has been.”

CB69 Tweets:

“Trump doesn’t mourn any loss of life. He failed America when we needed him most. He put himself and his rich friends ahead of the needs of the people. Trump is currently the leading cause of death in America”

Craig Tweets:

“Really, after you called it a hoax, said it would just disappear, didn’t wear a mask, aren’t wearing masks still a campaign events and punted responsibility to the states.”

The Resistor Sister Tweets:

“NOW that your Poll Numbers are PLUMMETING, you FINALLY think to offer some sort of Condolences for all the Americans you’ve allowed to DIE due to your LACK of LEADERSHIP?? Crocodile Tears.   Crocodile Tears.” 

Quite obviously, that speech made by the US President, did not go down well. There are now around 146,200 people dead and about 4,102,000 cases in America, because of Coronavirus.

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