Transgender Elliot Page Files For Divorce

Transgender Elliot Page files for divorce.

Elliot, 33, who is currently acting in the production of ‘The Umbrella Academy’, filed for divorce against Emma Portner, 26, who he married in a romantic ceremony in 2018.

Ellen Page, who made her name widely known with the movie ‘Juno’, which she starred in, announced in December 2020, that she was a man and was named Elliot Page and gained global fame.

Canadian actress Ellen Page announced that she is a trans person and changed her name to Elliot Page. The actress, who announced that she was a man, by changing sex in December last year, now filed a divorce suit for her husband for two years.

The Canadian actress Ellen Page, who was nominated for an Oscar with films such as Juno and X-Men: Past Days to Come, announced that she changed gender in December 2020. Page, 33, announced that his new name is Elliot Page. Elliot announced the news in a message posted on his Twitter account.

Elliot Page and Emma Portner have been together for three years and they are now preparing for divorce.

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