Toy Story Fans Furious About Tim Allen Elimination

Toy Story fans furious about Tim Allen elimination.

What comes as a big shock to fans, is that Tim Allen will not take part in the film, a fact that has greatly infuriated Toy Story fans.

Fans of Toy Story all over the globe, are totally upset about actor Tim Allen being excluded from the new Pixar film – Lightyear. Lightyear will now have in the leading role, the voice of Chris Evans.

Toy Story fans announced that they were extremely unhappy at the fact that Tim Allen, who has lent his voice for Buzz, in all of the films of Toy Story, was out of the new film.

Disney announced that Chris Evans will be playing Buzz Lightyear, in the new spin-off of the character and the actor himself declared that it is not a film about the toy, but it is actually the tale of an interstellar warrior in the truest sense, a man of flesh and blood, who stands for justice.

In Toy Story 2, in the first sequence, we have seen a very interesting taste of the Buzz universe. This was when Rex was playing a video game and here he has to defeat the evil Zurg. We can take those minutes as a brief introduction about what we wait for in the film in the company of Chris Evans, an actor who in recent years, has crafted a brilliant partnership with Disney.

Lightyear, a film just announced by Disney, will arrive very soon and will tell the story of the famous space guardian observed in the Toy Story franchise.

Buzz Lightyear is one of the most beloved characters in the Toy Story saga and we saw him conclude his arc in the fourth film, when he supports Woody in his decision to be a free toy and assumes the position as the new leader of the group, who lives next to Bunny.

As expected, on social networks, there are numerous complaints about the elimination of Tim Allen, by Toy Story fans.

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