Top Hollywood Celebrities Vote Naked In The US Presidential Election

Top Hollywood celebrities vote naked in the US presidential election!

Under hashtag “vote naked,” thousands of Americans shared on social media, a video of a group of Hollywood celebrities talking to the camera, without clothes, about voting rules in the mail.

The video, which was featured by comedians Chris Rock, Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman, as well as actors Mark Ravallo, Sasha Barron and others, shows top Hollywood celebrities naked in front of the camera, to attract voters’ attention to the need to follow the rules for mail voting in the US presidential election, very strictly.

The video attracted thousands of comments, some positive, praising the innovative way to encourage voting and some accusing participants of moral decay.

The reason behind this campaign, is not only related to the use of nudity as a means of gaining attention, but also humor associated with the term “naked voice,” a kind of irregularity in Pennsylvania, that may lead to a lack of recognition of an electoral vote.

The “naked vote” means that those wishing to vote by mail must put their ballot paper inside two envelopes instead of one, in order to protect their privacy. The first envelope holds the paper and the second envelope is called the “confidentiality envelope.”

While 16 US states provide “secret envelopes” to voters, Pennsylvania is uniquely positioned to not count any vote sent by mail without it. The violation is especially important because Pennsylvania is one of the swing states, that is, those that are not fixed in their voting positions in favor of Republicans or Democrats and Trump won in the last elections by 44,000 votes only.

All this raises controversy that the election result in a very important state hinges on the voters ’attention to instructions, more than their political positions and some estimates indicate that lack of attention to this envelope may corrupt more than 100,000 electoral votes in Pennsylvania.

It is reported that President Trump has said that an increase in the number of voters in the mail may lead to fraud in the elections and a delay in the result, which the Democrats deny.

But for now, top Hollywood celebrities vote naked in the US presidential election!

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