Tom Cruise To Go Into Outer Space To Shoot New Film

Tom Cruise to go into outer space to shoot new film!

From picking up planes with bare hands, to jumping on motorcycles from cliffs, Tom Cruise continues to challenge difficult action scenes in Hollywood blockbusters. But now, he is going out of the earth!

As early as May of this year, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine had announced:

NASA will film a movie with Tom Cruise on the space station. After 4 months, the movie finally has the latest news.

A few days ago, according to reports, a new untitled outer space film, starring Tom Cruise, is expected to be launched in October next year.

At present, Tom and director Doug Liman are on the passenger list of the International Space Station and the two may travel to the International Space Station on a rocket and space capsule launched in October 2021.

This film is an action-adventure film that Tom and Doug Liman have joined forces again after “Edge of Tomorrow” and “America Action”. This new work will cooperate with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and is planned to be shot on the space station.

Doug Liman wrote the first draft of the script and built the project together with Tom. This film will be the first film to be shot in outer space, but it is not a “Mission Impossible” series of movies.

58-year-old Tom Cruise recently shot the movie “Mission Impossible 7” in Norway. Every time he releases new action movies, he constantly challenges the limits of the human body and does not use a substitute for difficult stunts.

A few days ago, lucky fans caught Tom who was filming in Norway and saw him standing on the top of a moving train, shooting fierce hand-to-hand combat. During the break, Tom was sitting relaxed on the top of the train and saw fans screaming at him. He immediately smiled and waved hello, which surprised and delighted the fans.

According to industry estimates, the investment in the film will exceed US $200 million, of which Tom Cruise will receive US $30 million to US $60 million as the star and producer.

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