Tom Cruise Sets Up Covid-19 Secure Studio To Complete Filming

Tom Cruise sets up Covid-19 secure studio to complete filming!

Tom Cruise was seen screaming in early December 2020, in a video, when two people did not respect social distances on the set of the last Mission Impossible.

The actor this time decided to take a radical decision. According to news reports, he has just invested several million dollars to build a secure anti-Covid studio on a former secret military base, located in Longcross, in southwest London.

A way for Tom Cruise to ensure that the filming of Mission Impossible 7 is not once again interrupted!

In fact, last February, access to Venice had been refused to Tom Cruise’s teams, thereby delaying the film’s release. Since then, the actor has taken his precautions to avoid at all costs, that the Covid pandemic intrudes on the set.

Last September, Tom Cruise spent more than 500,000 Euros, to accommodate his entire team in quarantine on a yacht, during a stopover in Norway.

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