Tintin The Blue Lotus To Sell For 2 Million Euros?

Tintin The Blue Lotus to sell for 2 million Euros?

The Blue Lotus is one of the masterpieces of the Belgian designer. The album marks a turning point in his creation. The boards appeared in 1934-35 in the review le Petit-Vingtième, before the album was published in 1936.

Tintin dressed in Chinese style emerging from a jar, taunted by a disturbing red dragon: the Artcurial house is auctioning Thursday, the brilliant drawing created by Hergé in 1936, for the cover of The Blue Lotus, an exceptional piece, with a mysterious history, estimated at more than two million Euros.

In the ambient Tintomania that has reigned since the 1990s, the boards designed by Hergé reach new heights. In 2016, a board of “We walked on the moon” went for 1.55 million Euros.

Will this exquisite little drawing in India ink, gouache and watercolor, surpass the 2014 record for the design of the cover pages of Tintin albums, sold for 2.51 million Euros (costs included), by the same French auction house? It was then the most expensive original comic book drawing ever to be auctioned.

A mystery surrounds this work, auctioned at an online sale because of the epidemic: was it really offered by Hergé to the son of its publisher Louis Casterman, Jean-Paul, then aged seven, as the heirs of the publisher claim? The child would have folded The Blue Lotus in six and kept it in a drawer, from which the sheet of paper would have been pulled out decades later.

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