Tina Kandelaki Reveals Her Fitness Secrets

Tina Kandelaki reveals her fitness secrets!

Tina took care of those of her subscribers who have a poor idea of ​​how to play sports at home. The 44-year-old TV presenter recorded a video and using her example, showed how to perform certain exercises: squats with a fitness elastic band, twisting with a touch of the toes and a bar on straight arms with alternate abduction of the hands.

Tina Kandelaki was born on November 10, 1975. A Russian journalist, she was born in Georgia. Tina is a television producer and presenter, she co-owns the Apostol company and she is also a very famous public figure.

Her graduation was in Tbilisi, from high school #64. Tina was taken in by the Tbilisi State University Medical Department, in 1993. But soon she left the field of medicine and entered the field of Journalism. The year 2008, saw Tina graduating in the field of Humanities, from the Russian State University, Foreign Affairs Department.

And now, Tina Kandelaki has revealed the secret of her fitness

Tina is married to a man several years younger than her. She said more than once that in many ways she tries to match her lover in order to be interesting to him. Well, in order to be healthy and have the strength to reach new heights, the star goes in for sports a lot. The proof of this is in her excellent shape.

And on her Instagram page, Tina Kandelaki shared with the fans the secret of her fitness. It turns out that everyone can achieve a flat tummy!

Tina Kandelaki says:

A belly vacuum is the most effective way to get your abs in order and the only way to pump up the transverse muscle that holds all organs and the intestines. There are many options for the exercise, but I will tell you about the one that I liked…

Legs shoulder-width apart and slightly bent, body tilted forward, hands on hips. After a slow exhalation, we draw the stomach under the ribs and hold. Relax your stomach with inhalation – after 15-20 seconds.

Alternatively, you can alternate between drawing in and relaxing the abdomen, but the main condition is full exhalation. Then breathing restoration and a new approach. Do it once or twice a day, 2 hours after a meal or on an empty stomach and a month later you will see the result with your own eyes!

There you have it, Tina Kandelaki fitness secrets revealed!

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