Time For National Guard Portland

Time for National Guard Portland?

The President of America, Donald J. Trump Tweeted:

“Portland, which is out of control, should finally, after almost 3 months, bring in the National Guard. The Mayor and Governor are putting people’s lives at risk. They will be held responsible. The Guard is ready to act immediately. The Courthouse is secured by Homeland!”

If you have been in touch with the latest happenings all over the globe, especially Portland news, then surely you would know that things are out of control in Portland and perhaps it is time for the National Guard Portland, Oregon, to be put into action.

In response to the Tweet by Donald Trump for National Guard Portland riots,

Mrs. Krassenstein says:

“Stop trying to pit the federal police against American citizens.  Let Portland handle their own issues, and stop threatening to invade these US cities with our own military.”

Things have got so bad as a result of the protests taking place in Portland, that people in Portland are even burning the Holy Bible. Perhaps, it makes sense for dealing with this, by taking the help of Air National Guard Portland!

Regarding National Guard Portland, Donald Trump added:

“We will send in the National Guard and we’ll take care of it. These are professional agitators, these are professional anarchists, these are people that hate our country. We’re telling them, right now, that we’re coming in very soon — the National Guard.”

What made things get from bad to worse in Portland, that there is now the need for National Guard Portland?


“Police are the ones who escalated the violence, and people took increasing measures to protect themselves. Self defense includes from the government.”

Regarding calling out the Oregon National Guard, Donald Trump added:

“So they’re working today and probably tomorrow to clean out this beehive of terrorists. And if they do it, I’m going to be very happy. And then, slowly, we can start to leave the city.  If they don’t do it, we’ll be sending in the National Guard.”


“About time!  Start cracking heads!”

Yes, perhaps it is a time for National Guard Portland!

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