Tiktok Publishes Guide For US Elections

TikTok publishes guide for US elections… despite its precarious situation in the country.

The video application TikTok established a “guide” for the US elections on Tuesday, along with other major social networks, despite the uncertainty about its future in the US.

This section of the platform provides information about the candidates (at the local and federal level), explains how to vote and provides links to useful sites,, for example to verify the registration of a citizen in the electoral roll.

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube (Google) and others have taken similar steps to ensure voters have priority access to reliable information, before a highly contested election is coming up.

But for TikTok, this announcement comes in a context of tensions with the president and candidate for re-election Donald Trump, who accuses the application of spying for Beijing, belonging to the Chinese group ByteDance.

The Commerce Department said the platform will be banned in the United States on November 12, if it is not acquired by a local company before that day.

The application is followed by 100 million people in the United States.

Meanwhile, a judge has blocked an order, though temporarily, from the administration of Donald Trump, which would have banned TikTok from being downloaded from app stores in America.

Which is more important: free speech or national security? The result of the efforts of the President Trump TikTok ban, could depend on this question.

On Monday, TikTok filed a lawsuit against Trump’s executive order, to essentially ban the popular video-sharing app in the United States. Trump says the action is necessary to prevent the Chinese government from potentially collecting user data, in order to profile and spy on Americans.

However, according to TikTok, the same arrangement is breaking legal limits by banning an app that 100 million Americans use to communicate with one another.

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