The Secret Fitness Recipe Of Charlize Theron

The secret fitness recipe of Charlize Theron

On the red carpets Charlize Theron is always dazzling. In a draped dress with plunging back from Gucci or a long black lamé dress, it’s impossible not to notice it! Her favorite creators: Roberto Cavalli and of course, John Galliano who concocted several of his red carpet outfits.

But in life, Charlize Theron is more classic, with a black Chloé suit and stiletto heels, she knows how to mix glamor and naturalness! Elegant and chic, it is, even with slim jeans, a slightly sexy T-shirt and an It-bag. Like what class is simplicity, naturalness and a touch of fashion-addiction!

To keep the line, the actress has a very particular technique. Hating diets, she eats everything without depriving herself. The secret is that when it comes to things that are too fatty or too sweet, she only eats a quarter of a portion!

Fancy a burger? When some would swallow it greedily in one gulp, before making them feel guilty, Charlize, she takes pleasure in eating only a little bit! A natural and effective diet!

Another Little Trick To Slimming, From Charlize Theron

Have 6 small meals in a day, instead of 3 full meals!

This helps curb cravings during the day and control calories. She therefore does not eliminate any food from her diet. All her meals are perfectly balanced, with a little less starch, anyway! Let’s not forget the essential advice to keep the figure:

The actress drinks a lot of water!

And she walks every day on the beach with her dog.

Very active, Charlize also enjoys cycling, golf and kayaking! But the beauty icon of Dior, is above all a fan of Pilates because her past has taught her that the mind and the body must always be in perfect harmony.

Surprisingly though, the actress was a die-hard smoker for years, but it never interfered with her physical activity. She managed to stop overnight, thanks to hypnosis … notice to those interested in quitting smoking!

There you have it now, the secret fitness recipe of Charlize Theron!

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