The Not Funny Side Of Not Wearing A Coronavirus Mask!

The not funny side of not wearing a Coronavirus mask!

World governments have been time and time again warning people to wear masks to prevent the spread of the killer Coronavirus disease.

Sadly, world over, millions of people refuse to wear a Coronavirus mask and they even argue about are masks effective against the Coronavirus disease?

Can not wearing a Coronavirus mask harm you? People don’t think so…


“In Europe, three complete countries consider they are not helpful according to their experts.”

So, should you wear a mask or not?

Why to wear a Coronavirus Mask?

The main purpose of wearing a face mask, is so that you can stop your respiratory droplets, traveling to others. These respiratory droplets come from your mouth and your nose and thus, when you wear a cdc face mask, you are ensuring that your nose and mouth are covered – and you are preventing your respiratory droplets, from reaching others.

To ensure that you are maintaining your mask protection efficiency, your mask should cover your mouth and your nose and also, the perimeter of the COVID-19 mask which you are wearing, should be in tight contact with your face.

But people seem to think that wearing a Novel Coronavirus face mask, is some kind of a joke…


“Honestly, that’s the stuff that drives me crazy.  If you want to wear a mask in a supermarket or other shop, fine, go for it.  But I go nuts when I see people in their cars, by themselves, or in the park, with plenty of room for distancing.”

The Wuhan COVID-19 pandemic, began in late 2019 and the Coronavirus disease worldwide cases as on August 10, 2020, are almost 20 million and the number of New Coronavirus worldwide deaths are 731,000.

Yet, all over the globe, many people are in favor of not wearing a Coronavirus mask


“My next door neighbor is wearing a mask barbequing in his backyard by himself. I’m seriously wondering if he and his wife are wearing them in the house.”


“Hope he doesn’t pass out and fall into his grill…that would be tragic.”

Day by day, the COVID-19 case increase and deaths, is on the rise, all over the globe. And people still refuse to wear a mask. This is the not funny side of not wearing a Coronavirus mask!

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