The Mysterious Twin Beirut Blasts Aug 2020

The mysterious twin Beirut blasts Aug 2020 took place on Aug 4, 2020, in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon. Who is responsible for these blasts, which were worse than the 2015 Tianjin explosions. Is this on the list of Islamist terrorist attacks?


“The word on the street is that the islamic jihadist group hezbollah had stored weapons in Beirut, partly for the war against Israel, amongst other kafirs”

A couple of gargantuan explosions shocked Beirut and killed many people and wounded thousands. Nobody has any clue as to who is responsible for the twin Beirut blasts Aug 2020.

These are a couple of the most deadliest blasts to have hit Beirut, perhaps deadlier than the 1983 Beirut barracks bombings or for that matter, even deadlier than the Iranian embassy bombing in Beirut.

These twin Beirut blasts Aug 2020 are far more deadlier than perhaps all of the 2015 Beirut bombings and they definitely take top spot on the list of the 2020 Beirut explosions.

What are people in Beirut and in and around the region saying about these twin Beirut blasts Aug 2020?


“… i wanted to tell it was the scareist thing that i ever experienced i live there and till now i cant belive this happened. The house almost fell all of the windows in my house broke . Thanks for your prayers i literally cant sleep becasue of this…”


“The death toll from the Beirut explosion rose to at least 100. At least 4,000 were wounded. Many are still missing, including people thrown into the sea by the blast. Families went to the port looking for relatives, and workers are still looking for people under the rubble.”


“The Beirut Blast was so huge that it literally carved out a part of the land.”

Perhaps, in the future, we may know more about these twin Beirut blasts Aug 2020?

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