The Mysterious Death Of Heath Ledger

The mysterious death of Heath Ledger.

Actor Heath Ledger, who died on January 22, 2008, from an accidental pill overdose, became a versatile performer, after getting bored of playing “hunk” roles.

His family still does not know the exact reason that led the actor to self-medicate. Heath Ledger was found unconscious, the doctors when they arrived could not resuscitate him and determined that it was an acute poisoning of medications that he was taking for anxiety and depression.

The actor struggled with various moods that made him down. On the one hand, he could often find himself excited and inspired by his daughter, Matilda and on the other, he carried the burden of sadness that his psychological illness generated in him.

His change of direction in acting allowed him to see him in films such as “Change of life”, “Knight’s heart”, “Secret on the mountain” and the Joker in “Batman: The Dark Knight”

His ex-wife once stated that fame and success were difficult for him to handle, which led to insomnia, which became the first symptom of anxiety and depression. This disease, according to relatives, was inherited from his grandfather.

He was a fan of drawing, directing and photography, this led to the documentary “I am Heath Ledger”, directed by Adrian Buitehuis and Derik Murray. In this production, Heath Ledger was portrayed and several of his relatives gave their testimonies.

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