The Latest Myths About Coronavirus

Here are the latest myths about Coronavirus…

Myth: You can always tell if a person is suffering from Coronavirus.

FACT: Novel Coronavirus could bein the body of a person for 14 days and only then would they start to exhibit symptoms.

Myth: Coronavirus only affects people who are old, young people have no cause for worry.

FACT: COVID-19 can be more dangerous to older people. But, anyone can get Coronavirus, inclusive of people who are young.

Myth: Most people who get Coronavirus die or get very ill.

FACT: Most people who get COVID-19, will get a mild form of it and they would recover without the need of professional medical treatment. About 8 out of 10 people who would suffer from Coronavirus, would get mild symptoms.

Myth: Consuming a lot of hot drinks prevents Coronavirus.

FACT: There is no hot drink or cold drink that can protect you from the Novel Coronavirus.

Myth: People of certain races or skin color cannot get Coronavirus.

FACT: Anyone can get the New Coronavirus.

Myth: Chloroquine can cure Coronavirus.

FACT: At the moment, there is no proven cure for Coronavirus.

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