The Epidemic Novel Of Stephen King Comes To Light

The epidemic novel of Stephen King comes to light!

In 1978, Stephen King wrote a novel about the spread of a “super flu” that devastates much of the population worldwide, so a group of survivors led by Mother Abigail undertake a journey, both physical and spiritual, to rebuild society.

42 years after the launch of this book of Stephen King, the story returns in serial format, with an updated view of the characters and events surrounding the tragedy. Executive Producer Benjamin Cavell shared that it was a huge challenge for the team to bring this text to the screen, as they are aware of the great legacy of the writer and wanted to make sure they do justice to his work.

Stephen King’s novels have been adapted for television and cinema on numerous occasions, from the miniseries That of 1990, to Under the Dome (2013), his works have dominated the screen and today they can also be enjoyed through streaming.

The actress Whoopi Goldberg is the one who gives life to Mother Abigail  and she spoke that to go according to this time, she had to make some adjustments in her role, since some of the things that were normalized 40 years ago, have already lost their validity.

To avoid being seen as “the magic black woman”, as she describes it herself, she chose to explore the origins of the character, so that the audience understands where she comes from and what motivates her to make certain decisions, in the book by Stephen King.

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