The “Boris Johnson Formula” For Fighting Coronavirus

The “Boris Johnson Formula” for fighting Coronavirus!

Here’s what Boris Johnson, the PM of the United Kingdom, Tweeted on how to protect against the killer Coronavirus

“Folks, if we all remember to do these three things, then we can keep the virus under control. Wash your hands, cover your face, and keep your space from those not in your household.”

But people are so pigheaded and stubborn, in spite of there being almost 18 million cases and around 683,000 deaths all across the globe, because of the Coronavirus catastrophe, people just refuse to listen and do what is being asked of them – in spite of it being for their own good.

Here are how some people are reacting to what Boris Johnson has said…

Daniel asks vehemently:

“Increased cases europe wide since face covering became the norm. Tell me how putting a dirty rag on that promotes people to touch their face is useful.”

Tracey declares:

“How long for the face coverings ? This is getting a joke now . It’s so unhealthy and I refuse to take part in this long term. I just won’t go to the shops and I won’t spend a penny . Is that what u want ? The high street shops to go bankrupt so u can put more housing sites up?”

Abi says:

“What of the evidence that wearing masks actually causes more respiratory problems than it prevents? And that the majority do not prevent against covid 19 anyway? People reusing disposable ones. Homemade cloth ones being 0% effective against anything but dust and pollen etc.”

The UK has around 303,200 cases and about 46,140 deaths because of the COVID-19 pandemic, people would do well to accept the “Boris Johnson Formula” for fighting Coronavirus!

Andy declares:

“There is no virus. Wash your hands maybe after a shit as usual, do not cover your face it’s bad for your health, connect with family and friends and hug them, it’s much better for your health”

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