The Baffling ‘Happy Hypoxia’ Coronavirus Syndrome

The Baffling 'Happy Hypoxia' Coronavirus Syndrome

The baffling ‘Happy Hypoxia’ Coronavirus syndrome! Doctors just do not know what to make of this.

Doctors are absolutely puzzled about some Novel Coronavirus patients who are talking and appear to be in no kind of distress at all.

According to doctors, these Coronavirus patients, are defying the basic laws of biology. In their state of the illness, these patients have oxygen levels that are so low, it can bring about unconsciousness or even death.

In a person who is healthy, the oxygen saturation is expected to be at least 95%. But doctors have reported that they are attending COVID-19 patients, who have oxygen percentage levels in the 80s or 70s and there are also some drastic Coronavirus cases, where the patients have oxygen saturation below 50%.

If the oxygen saturation drops below 75%, patients typically lose consciousness.

But this is not so in the case of the ‘Happy Hypoxia’ Coronavirus syndrome!

Dr Jonathan Bannard-Smith, a consultant in critical care and anaesthesia at Manchester Royal Infirmary said:

“It’s intriguing to see so many people coming in, quite how hypoxic they are. We’re seeing oxygen saturations that are very low and they’re unaware of that. We wouldn’t usually see this phenomenon in influenza or community-acquired pneumonia. It’s very much more profound and an example of very abnormal physiology going on before our eyes.”

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