The Angelina Jolie Fitness Plan

The Angelina Jolie fitness plan!

Angelina Jolie’s body is the envy of many women. Yes, she herself, without hesitation, admits that she admires her figure. How does Angelina Jolie stay in shape, slim and fit?

After being cast as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider, she had to pay a lot of attention to her body to look fit, skinny and sexy for the film.

And she managed to achieve this thanks to the strictest diet and even stricter physical activity; leading to the Angelina Jolie fitness plan!

Before starting acting in the film, Angelina achieved the perfect shape to become the real Lara Croft.

To do this, she went through rigorous training. This not only helped her burn excess fat in certain places, but also put on weight where the muscles require to make the body look sculpted in Lara Croft suits.

To gain muscle mass, Angelina Jolie was engaged in kickboxing, as part of the Angelina Jolie fitness plan! It was the perfect sport for Angie, as it allowed her to get exactly the shape that the heroine of the action required.

Plus, kickboxing helps to tune both body and spirit. With the help of kickboxing, breathing is controlled, it gives the shape of thighs, calf and arms. Kickboxing promotes fat burning and tones muscles. An hour of kickboxing every day can help you burn 600 to 800 calories.

Regular yoga practice has also helped Angelina build a healthy body. She also learned to canoe and do street fighting, which added even more to her beautiful body.

Jolie quit smoking, drinking alcohol and coffee. She followed a nutritious but strict diet: soy milk, steamed vegetables and no sugar.

After the birth of the twins, Jolie again had to get in shape and lose weight. And again she went on a strict diet of stewed vegetables and boiled fish.

Her breakfast includes rye bread, herbs, tomatoes and salmon. For lunch and dinner, she eats tomatoes, spinach, watercress and grilled fish.

There you go, you now have the Angelina Jolie fitness plan!

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