Tereza Bebarová Reveals

Tereza Bebarová reveals what few people know about her role in Street. Will Svetlana return to the series?

Although she is an experienced film, television and theater actress, she has the Thalia Award and even four František Filipovský Awards for dubbing, the audience knows her mainly due to her single role.

However, after 15 years, Tereza Bebarová left the endless series Street and left the role of Světlana. How does she perceive it, what is she looking forward to and what is she doing now?

The information that the role of Tereza Bebarová has ended in the endless series Street, as Světlana, came to an end with displeasure. People liked the figure of a Ukrainian woman who fought her mother-in-law, then her husband, so that everything would be straightened out.

However, the authors of the project came up with the idea that “there is no place to move” and so it should end. Tereza Bebarová herself had no idea and as she admits, it was a shock to her. However, also because when she does something, she feels it is forever.

There is no chance of her returning to the Street, because the character was killed by the screenwriters. She is the holder of the Thalia Award in 2005. She also has four František Filipovský Awards for dubbing and today she does not resist any interesting offer, including a musical one. She now focuses mainly on maternity duties.

By leaving the show, she has more time. In addition, the coronavirus period began in the spring. So she and her partner Ivan Kotmel thought of making their own show, which they would produce.

She took the role in the famous and endless series, mainly as an opportunity to be visible, which is always important for the work of a theater actor like Tereza Bebarová, who wants to assert herself more.

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